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Gone Full Circle

A story in the making.


Meet Josh. Having just completed a trip across the entire length of the Americas, he's preparing for the next leg of his circumnavigation of the globe. 

This is a chance to be part of his story.


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"Commitment took me to places on this Earth that reduced me to tears with beauty and had me fearing for my health and safety. Stubbornness pushed my physical limits and took me to places in my mind that I’m not sure I want to revisit. And persistence introduced me to caring, generous people and also proved that I have the ability to accept help when I need it. Something I have had problems with in the past."

– Josh Bergemann


Part 2: Africa > Middle-east > Asia

Living out of his tent, Josh will continue to push his physical and mental limits by traveling solo through deserts, jungle, tundra and mountains. And by keeping off the beaten track, an exciting 50,000km journey will see its conclusion.

Beginning in Cape Town, Josh will cycle through Africa and the Middle East, before making his way through Central Asia and then to the end of the road in Magadan, Russia.


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