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Australian of the Day


4 photographers, 4 states, 120 Australian stories

Amplifying Commonwealth Bankss existing alignment with Australian of the Year awards, The Australian of the Day campaign focused on capturing the passionate change-making individuals on a national scale.

AHBA consulted on the campaign's production and carefully assembled a hand-picked team to tackle the task who delivered inspiring content every day.



Masaaki Koyama, TAS

Masaaki's tiny shop in the small town of Geeveston was a big change from the bustling city life of Osaka. Once working at a high-end sushi restaurant in the Japanese city, Masaaki met a girl and the rest is history – "I came over to Tasmania and I fell in love".


Bronte Barnes, WA

12-year-old Bronte Barnes is a passionate beekeeper from Exmouth. Her beehives reside in the sprawling backyard of her parents 1960's beach shack and share the space with a veggie patch and some orphaned lambs.


Sowaibah Hanifie, SA

At just 19, Sowaibah is an ambassador and advocate for her Muslim community. From a young age, she was aware of the need to educate people in Adelaide about her community and recognised there was a job to be done, "I can't just leave it to someone else – I need to show and teach people about the immense beauty and depth of our culture".



Constable Madellene Geier, NT

Not your average 20-year-old, Madellene was given her first posting in Galiwinku on Elcho Island, 550km North East of Darwin. Such remote postings can be challenging for even the most experienced officer, however Madellene took to the position like a fish to water. 


Check out the full body of work at the official Australian of the Day site

AHB produced four state's worth of content with the work appearing across a variety of campaign touchpoints including social media, billboard advertising, ATM screens, online with nation-wide distribution.